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Vendors and Devices

Currently approved for use within the State of Oklahoma *

(* = The ignition interlock vendors listed below appear in a random order and rotate every week)

Lifesafer Interlock, Inc. (800) 743-0373

Approved Devices

L250 V 1.09 with the camera option

ALCOLOCK of Oklahoma (800) 998-2566

Approved Devices

WR3 with the camera option

Alcohol Detection Systems (888) 205-1802

Approved Devices

Determinator 2 DM-909 Secured Cord Connection Adapter with the separate windshield mounted camera option

Smart Start, Inc. (866) 418-6267

Approved Devices

20/20, V 8.07.010 V2, with the G4 camera option
20/30, V 8.07.008, V2, with the G4 camera option
20/35, V 8.07.011, with the camera option

RoadGuard Interlock (800) 299-9343

Approved Devices

XT V.4.10 with the camera option
7000 H/S: 3.8.2; C/B: 3.8.2; Camera: 2.046

Guardian Interlock Systems (800) 548-3636

Approved Devices

AMS 2500 V. 1.09 with the camera option

LowCost Interlock, Inc. (877) 285-5926

Approved Devices

Currently Suspended in Oklahoma. No installations allowed

Intoxalock (833) 210-8204

Approved Devices

1001A V 30.08.04 Elert with camera
1001A V 15.04.05 Legacy

A Simple Interlock (844) 432-4775

Approved Devices

Co-Pilot V8.07.008 V2 with the G4 camera option