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Welcome to the Online Vendor Registration for the Central Purchasing Division

This registration site is used by individuals and businesses required to register for payments and/or procurement activities with Oklahoma state agencies as well as entities wishing to receive notifications of future business opportunities with Oklahoma state agencies. Additional information and registration resources are provided via the OMES Vendor Registration website at ( ) .

Registrants should ensure the following:

1. Information provided when registering matches the vendor's payee information in the state payment system, to include primary IRS filing entity name and tax identification number.

2. Person completing registration has the authority to register payee for financial registration purposes (both registration types).

3. Registrant with an existing vendor record in the state payee system must first be provided a secure PIN needed to access the registration system. Requests for a secure PIN should be escalated to OMES Vendor Registration by the authorized financial representative for the vendor.

4. Registration login credentials are maintained securely by a single account manager. Requests to verify or change current account manager should be escalated to OMES Vendor Registration via the OMES Service Desk at 405-521-2444 or .

5. Correct registration type is selected based on the type of payment or procurement activity applicable.

Registrants must select from two different registration options:

1. BID NOTIFICATION REGISTRATION - This registration type should be selected by individuals or businesses with current or anticipated procurement activity with Oklahoma state agencies and serves to register the entity for bid notification and procurement qualification purposes. Contracts or purchase orders greater than $5,000 which are subject to 74 O.S The Central Purchasing Act and Rules, require the vendor to be registered prior to agency award. There are limited circumstances where an exemption may be granted such as Fair and Reasonable acquisitions less than $5,000, Fixed Rate acquisitions, Professional Service acquisitions, and Interagency or other Governmental entity acquisitions. Registration process includes direct deposit enrollment, procurement qualification, as well as bid notification registration for UNSPSC category codes matching the goods or services offered by the vendor. BID NOTIFICATION registration is subject to a $25 registration fee per FAMILY code registered and requires annual renewal.

2. FINANCIAL REGISTRATION - This registration type should be selected by individuals and businesses receiving payments from Oklahoma state agencies where an exchange of goods or services is not applicable. Entities providing goods or services that are exempt from 74 O.S., should first verify the registration type required by the state agency prior to registering.

Registrants encountering registration errors or needing assistance may contact OMES Vendor Registration via the OMES Service Desk at 405-521-2444.

Login Information

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First Time Users: All individuals must click the "First Time User" button above and follow all onscreen prompts.

Returning Users: If you have already proceeded through the "First Time User" process described above for this application, you can simply login to this application with the account you setup during the "First Time User" process.

Expired Passwords: Oklahoma state policy requires passwords to expire every 90 days. If you are unable to login please try resetting your password.

Attention: If you are already setup for Bid Notifications, you do NOT need to setup a Financial Registration account. The Bank Account module has been added to the Bid Notifications process. If you already have a Bid Notification account, please login and complete the Bank Account module and then submit it for processing.