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HB 1085XEffective December 1, 2017

HB 1085X amends 68 O.S. Section 1001, providing for an increase to the gross production incentive levy currently at four percent (4%). The amendment increases the rate to the seven percent (7%) base rate effective with December 2017 production month.

Prior to such amendments, Oklahoma statutes provided for a gross production incentive levy of four percent (4%) for the production of oil and or natural gas produced from certain wells that were drilled prior to July 1, 2015. The original incentive had a term period of up to sixty (60) months that was effective with the date of first sales. HB 1085X eliminates such term period.

The Oklahoma Tax Commission is in the process of updating the online reporting system to accommodate the legislative changes impacting the Gross Production incentive levy beginning with July 2017 production, including the changes effective with December 2017 production. During this update you may receive a warning related to the rate for your incentive well. Please use the Public PUN Search to confirm the correct qualifying rate. The warning itself will not prevent you from filing your monthly production report.

Thank you for your attention to these changes.

Please refer to the enrolled legislation on the Oklahoma Legislature page for complete details. Click here to search.