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Welcome to the Gross Production Reporting System

Technical Issue: Non-Incentive Refund Upload

Due to a software issue, please use the following steps to upload Non-Incentive (Type 9) Refunds via the Gross Production Reporting System until further notice.

1. Log in; navigate to the Gross Production Tax Refund Request module.

2. Upload your file(s). The issue is occurring after upload. The file you upload jumps to the reporting module. When you receive notification that your file has processed, navigate to the Gross Production Tax Reporting and Payment module.

3. You will need to locate your file in the reporting module to submit. Make note of the Form Number and the Report Total. Submit the report.

The system will generate a 300C. DO NOT SUBMIT THE 300C. Send the Form Number and Report Total along with five-digit company number to

Within 48 hours of your submission, you will receive a return email stating whether or not the submission was received and providing you the additional information that is required for refund submissions.

Your email verifying attempt to submit electronically is proof of your filing date.

Thank you for your patience as we work through this technical issue.